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Two's Program
Our curriculum programs provide developmentally- and age-appropriate early learning experiences and materials that develop essential readiness skills through exploration, investigation, and FUN!

Each topic explored has Classroom Support Materials including a curriculum guide, posters, a storybook, conversation cards, and manipulatives to enhance the learning experience. We extend these experiences by keeping families informed of topics and tips to incorporate them into daily routines with the Family Connection Sets.

Milestones are common skills and abilities that pediatricians use to guide them as they evaluate a child’s growth and development. All children are different and will achieve these milestones at different times. So, as you watch your child acquire these skills, also remember to enjoy your child as a unique individual.

In the Two’s Program your child will be able to:

› Speak clearly most of the time
› Use pronouns correctly, especially “I”
› Recognize some letters and colors
› Play with friends
› Use adjectives
› Balance on one foot
› Wash and dry his hands
› Brush teeth with help
› Draw a circle and other shapes
› Start to recognize numbers and letters
› Demonstrate understanding of words
› Use the potty in the daytime
› Follow three step instructions
› Amongst many other things that they will be learning


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