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Three's Program
Our Three’s curriculum program contain teaching support materials and family components that provide a solid foundation from which explorations can be built and extended according to the specific curiosities of the children. Curriculum for Threes Program develop essential readiness skills through play and investigation, promote best practices, provide new language and social navigation skills, and simplify lesson planning.

Milestones are common skills and abilities that pediatricians use to guide them as they evaluate a child’s growth and development. All children are different and will achieve these milestones at different times. So, as you watch your child acquire these skills, also remember to enjoy your child as a unique individual.

In the Threes Program your child will be able to:

› Recognize complicated cuase and effect relationships (“If I take his toy, he will be sad.”)
› Speak in sentences of at least three to five words
› Point out colors and numbers in conversation
› Ask for help
› Prefer to play near other children
› Learn to take turns
› Make simple choices and express feelings
› Follow constant routines
› Recognize others’ moods
› Seek independence
› Make him/ herself clearly understood nearly all the time
› Rely on hands-on experiences to stimulate learning
› Pedal, climb ladders, and alternate feet when going up and down stairs
› Walk a balance bar
› Paint using pencil
› Work on jigsaw puzzles
› Cut with scissors
› Manipulate play dough well and create art
› Amongst many other things that they will be learning

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