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One's Program
Our curriculum programs contain teaching and family components that provide a solid foundation from which explorations can be built and extended according to the specific curiosities of the children. Curriculum for the One’s Program support active learning through hands-on play, create secure connections, and motivates exploration.

Milestones are common skills and abilities that pediatricians use to guide them as they evaluate a child’s growth and development. All children are different and will achieve these milestones at different times. So, as you watch your child acquire these skills, also remember to enjoy your child as a unique individual.

In the One’s Program your child will be able to:

› Understand the meaning of at least 100 words
› Point and name objects
› Throw a ball overhand
› Walk up and down stairs
› Run
› Stack blocks
› Use at least 70 words
› Follow directions with two steps
› Talk about himself /herself
› Name body parts
› Sing songs
› Self feed
› Amongst many other things that they will be learning

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