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At the Learning City  Academy we believe that it's never too early to start learning, or too late for that matter. With such philosophy in mind, we have developed a curriculum of individualized learning for Little Learners of all ages.


●  6 weeks to 23 Months

Early development for our Little Learners is critical. We At Learning City  Will implement Daily Structured lessons Such as:

●Morning Sing Alongs

Such morning sing alongs will engage your infant In Sound, Verbiage and Hand Gesture Recognition encouraging the development of motor skills, hand eye coordination and self-expression through speech/Sound.

●Memory Retention & Recognition

These daily lessons will consist of an introduction to size , shape, color. Your little Learner will engage In play with objects of different shape, size and color On a day-to-day basis  building your little learners recognition and memory of each shape, color, size and there inter-workings.

The same teaching method  of memory and recognition  will be implemented with your little learners interactions with staff, peers and family members . Creating a bond by memorizing and recognizing individual characteristics.

●Baby Motion

A combination of free play where your little learners will be safely encouraged to explore  his/her surroundings, Tummy time the encouragement of crawling, rolling and enhancing their motor skill.


Schedule a private tour


 20 MAY

3:00 pm - Meet the Owner and her little learner!


2:00 pm - Community Day! Giftcard Giveaway!

4:00 pm - Bake Sale! Get some goodies and support a local business! Food Drive!

 24 JUL
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